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What's a writer without an ego? I wouldn't know. What I do know is that several people have said some very nice things about my writing, and I'm going to post some of their kind words here. Yes, it is a shot in the arm to my ego, but hopefully they'll also see it as my way of thanking them for taking the time to read my work and to write down what they thought of it.


All the stories named below will be included in my forthcoming collection, DARKSCAPES.

Barney the Boa


Published in October 2000 by Short, Scary Tales

Steve Wedel's stories are always told with an attention-holding, straight-forward, concise narrative. But at the same time, they are fulled with wonder and astonishing events. This contrast of the reporter's analytical, sometimes cynical eye and the mind-bendingly bizarre happenings is an extremely effective device and it works well here once again.

--Walt Hicks


The New Disciples


Published in July 2000 by Lurid Fiction

Mr. Wedel can always be counted upon for very literate, descriptive stories. If his novels are as good as this and other stories offered on-line, it is hard to believe that a publisher hasn't snatched the novels up. The sections in this tale were similar to mini-chapters of a novel, in fact, and everything tied well at the end. Cool Lovecraftian references, drooling psychopaths, evil doctors getting theirs, and a creature that doubles as a boiler! What else could you ask for? Excellent read.

--Walt Hicks



Published in May 2000 by Short, Scary Tales
Winner of Short, Scary Tales Best Fiction contest, 2000

I was very impressed with this story. I thought it grabbed the reader's interest right from the beginning, but it seemed like it was going to be a fairly conventional "haunting" type theme, where a number of people gather together in an old house and see scary things. I didn't really see what was coming until the sledge hammer was swinging - I still thought it must have something to do with the dead son's ghost. I thought the plot was brilliant: cults are very scary things because so often the memmbers leave their reason at the door with their hats. I could picture this scene and believe in it completely. I thought the writing was restrained and unobtrusive and very economical. I liked the under-statement of the whole piece. A great deal of atmosphere and quite a complicated plot were communicated in a very small number of words. This story has a style that I would try to emulate. There is no more sincere praise than that.

-- David Gardiner

This was the best story I have ever read off this sight. I have never gave a story 5 crosses before, but this story deserved it for the imagination and creativity that has gone into it. This has the best twist in it I have ever read.

--Jonathan, Alabama

It's been quite sometime now that I can honestly say that I've read a horror story that really did freak(scare) me . . . and this is one that did! Chilling . . . holy terror! If this author has written more horror, I'd love to read it!

--Horns, Ohio

Short. To the point. Powerful. Dialog nearly perfect, excellently executed narrative. A killer read.

--Walt Hicks

A Change of Clothes


Published in August 2000 by DeathGrip

I always wondered why the cleaners looped the plastic bag up and around the hanger and heavy-duty stapled them. What did they think was going to try to escape? The clothes? Please.

Well, thanks a lot for revealing they knew something we 'customers' did not. Not until now, anyway. So, OK. I'm back to wash and wear. Satisfied?

This one deserves a 5 (out of 5 rating) though. Creepy? And how.

-- J F Juzwik

A Change Of Clothes, gives new meaning to the concept & belief that objects can hold impressions, imprints of the past. It's an imaginative, excitingly peculiar read, and one worthy of a five rating. Now I know why I let my girlfriend do the laundry.

--Horns, Ohio



Published in April 2000 by DeathGrip

This was a weird and highly entertaining story.

--Paul Fry

Uh, this sounds familiar . . . oh, no . . . I was thinking about those senate hearings. Hey, this should keep the chicks out of the White House for a few days, huh? I liked this story. It is well written, very tongue in cheek, and pretty ballsy, I might add, considering the subject is so thinly veiled.

-- Carl Hose