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Why are you looking at this page? If you want to be scared, go to my Links page and follow and link to some fiction. But, if you insist on this kind of fright, so be it. Here are a few photos and drawings of me.

This is how I looked a few years ago. I'm hoping my current employer will let me grow my hair back out like this.

You don't even want to get me started on dress codes and such.

The photo is by Dan Smith.

And this is what I looked like after my interview with The Daily Oklahoman in January 1999 -- except I had to wear a tie at the job and didn't wear the leather vest.

This photo was taken by Negeen Sobhani.

This is me getting SERVANT OF THE BONES signed by Anne Rice in October 1996.

One of these days she'll be on the other side of the signing table. Dream big!

This is a sig created for my first newspaper column, Steven Says. The drawing was later replaced with the above photos.

This sig, like the cartoons below, were drawn by the award-winning editorial cartoonist, Pujan Roka.