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Welcome to my little castle in cyberspace.


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A church congregation uses macabre methods to reclaim a lost lamb.A man on the brink of murder and suicide faces the truth of who he is.A nameless monster at the bottom of an old quarry captures souls and enslaves bodies.Explorers to another galaxy find terror in the petals of flowers covering a planet.An abused girl performs her last sex act on her fatherís best friend.Ghosts invite a man to rejoin his lost wife and child at a mysterious Halloween party.These are just a few of the tales youíll find in Darkscapes, a collection of 34 short stories that explore the unlit places we try to avoid.The darkness of the human soul, of loss, anger and revenge, as well as things that go bump in the night, are all waiting between the covers of Darkscapes.



Publish America

ISBN 1-59129-323-5

210 pages, 6 x 9 Trade Paperback



A Celebration of the Women of Horror Fiction

My latest werewolf story, ďTo Be a Mother,Ē is included in this chapbook from Southern Rose Productions, edited by Shannon Riley.


$10.00 plus $1.50 s/h U.S., $2.00 s/h, Canada, $5.00 s/h overseas.

From Southern Rose Productions

ISBN 0-929560-08-6

126 pages

Cover artwork by Marge Simon, interior art by Simon, Sonja J. Haskins and Alfred R. Klosterman.



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