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Friends on the Web

Don't let the twisted persona fool you. She's a sweetheart. Buy her book, Phantom Feast; you won't be sorry.

Brian A. Hopkins Surely you've heard of BAH? He's a damn good writer of speculative fiction -- and one of the few of his kind in Oklahoma.

A.B. "Toni" Wallace Author of Mark of the Werewolf and a very nice lady. Go visit her ... bring your own wolfsbane, though.

Judi Rohrig She's another up-and-comer in the horror genre. Visit her now and remember her name. You'll be seeing it again.

Mary Turner, aka Shannon Riley She's another great writer and the editor of Tapestry e-zine.

Karen E. Taylor She is the author of The Vampire Legacy series. You like romantic blood-drinkers? You'll love Karen. Her books, that is. Yeah, that's it.

Candie A master technical writer and a good teacher. She could be a good creative writer, too, if she'd plant her butt in a chair and write.

Robyn A newspaper reporter and so much more -- definitely an individualist!

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Other Good Stuff

The Werewolf Page This has become one of my Web favorites -- damn near everything you want to know about werewolves can be found here.

Jim Steinman The best song writer of the 20th century.

Judas Priest Still screaming for vengeance!

Rob Halford Former Priest frontman has his own page.

The Oklahoman Where I used to work. I still have a lot of friends there and still do some freelance work for the paper.

Conoco Where I work now.

Minnesota Vikings Future champions? I hope so.

KISS Online The site that clicks ass, as they say. Rock and roll all nite!

REO Speedwagon The offical Web site of the band.

Styx The official Web site of the band.

Web Rings and Worthy Organizations