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I've been on staff or done freelance work for these newspapers:

The Daily Oklahoman

The Edmond Sun

The Ponca City News

The Oklahoma Observer

The Piedmont-Surrey Gazette

The Okarche Chieftan

The Chickasha Star

The Tuttle Times

The Bethany Tribune

The Guthrie News-Leader

The Vista

I've written for the following magazines, newsletters and Web sites:

ByLine magazine

Horror Writers Association Internet Mailer

Word Museum

The Renaissance magazine

Kaw Lake

BackStage Pass


Just for kicks, I'll tell you my first publication was a letter to the editor of The Quill, the newspaper of Enid High School. It was published in the spring of 1984, which was also the year I graduated. In it, I used the same approach I use in my weekly newspaper columns now; I compared the current New Wave music fad to the Heavy Metal music that was popular then, and made an arguement that Boy George was more sinful than Ozzy Osbourn. Ahh, to have nothing better to worry about now...