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You’re one sick puppy if you’re looking here.


 This is a recent photo taken in a park not far from home after an ice storm ripped the branches off a lot of trees.

The photo was taken by S.L. Dickey.


This was me in my late 20s/early 30s.  The photo ran with my weekly college newspaper column.

The photo is by Dan Smith.







This was taken at the first (and so far only) meeting of the Oklahoma chapter of the Horror Writers Association.  We met at Brian A. Hopkins’ home (that’s bah on the far left) in July 2001.  The guy in the middle is Jason Light, author of DUST AND BONES.

Photo by Betty Hopkins.

This is me getting SERVANT OF THE BONES signed by Anne Rice in October 1996.

One of these days she'll be on the other side of the signing table. Dream big!


This is a sig created for my first newspaper column, Steven Says. The drawing was later replaced with the above photos.

This sig was drawn by the award-winning editorial cartoonist, Pujan Roka.