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Coming Summer 2003

From 3F Publications


This is my first published novel.  It’s about Shara Wellington, a very shy young woman who lets a college professor turn her into a werewolf in the belief it will give her self-confidence. That doesn’t work out, though, and Shara finds herself pursued by the Pack as she searches for a cure for her affliction while trying to protect her husband and their hybrid son.





Contains 34 dark-themed stories, many of which are published here for the first time anywhere. Recommended for a Stoker Award.


210 pages

ISBN: 1-59129-323-5

Publish America





A collection of eight werewolf stories. NOTE! My werewolf novel, Shara, has sold to 3F Publishing. Printing of Call To the Hunt has ceased. Supplies are limited to what I have on hand; I have print and CD ROM PDF versions. Also available from Shocklines.


Artwork by Crow Ravenscar; Introduction by Paul Fry


55 pages






An anthology about why we should fear the water. Includes my story, “When the Lady of Byblos Calls,” plus 15 other tales. Available as an e-book in Feb. 2003 and as a paperback in March 2003.


317 pages

ISBN: 1-55404-022-1

Double Dragon Publications

E-book: $4.99





An anthology celebrating women in horror fiction. Includes my story “To Be a Mother,” another werewolf story, this time featuring Kiona Brokentooth as an adult.


126 pages

ISBN 0-929560-08-6

Southern Rose Productions






This volume of stories about the undead was published in 2000 by Short, Scary Tales Publications and BookLocker.  It includes my short story, “Dining at Sea.”


87 pages

ISBN: 1-929072-67-8

Short, Scary Tales Publications